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Technology is changing and it is truly a chance to change the way we think about transportation and Solar energy.  Our 2370 watt Solar charging system can be custom fitted to any electric car and provide up to 100 kilometers of driving per 12 hours of sunshine. With Solar cell efficiency on the rise there is no limit to its potential to change the world in a cleaner green way.
Marine, EV, RV, Camper, Bus, Transports you name it we can build a solar charging system for you.
Mobile High grade solar is our specialty but we do have great warehouse prices on Home Solar, Inverters, MPPT charge controllers and Volthium Lithium Batteries with a 10 year Warranty

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There is no fun, like Surfing the Sun. First self charging Solar EV in North America

Dans EV Solar Mods is dedicated to a cleaner greener way of traveling using modern advances in Solar Technology

Welcome to Daniel McGuire's EV Solar Modifications number 1 experts in North America for on board EV Solar Charging systems.  From the custom aluminum extrusions, ETFE solar panels surface, to high efficiency SunPower cells. Our charging systems are the best on the market.

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Using silicon valley's SunPower's latest cells the ME3 that are 24.7% efficient and space industry ETFE clear surface coating, they are the toughest most efficient Solar Panels on the market. Perfect for your mobile needs.
Home Solar Packages to power you house, charge your EV and power that off grid mountain camp are available.

High grade products such as:

Volthium Batteries: 10 year Warranty made in Quebec Canada

Longi high efficient 330 watt Solar Panels 20.3% efficient

Goyopo Low Frequency Industrial grade Inverters

Fine Tech MPPT Charge Controllers

Lumiax MPPT charge controllers

Flexible thin film Solar with SunPower ME3 highest eff. cells and ETFE clear surface

Grow Watt Inverters 

Custom DC water heating Elements with thermostat

DC well Pumps 12, 24 and 48 volt

Solar Systems are like a fitted suite and each will be different for each customers special needs. Let us help you make that right choice for your next Green Power project.

 613 639 3848 or

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Marine Solar System Packages



Feel the Power

Using SunPower's ME3 Cells at 24.7% efficiency and ETFE Clear surface. These are the toughest, most efficient marine solar panels on the market.

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Solar System Packages for Agriculture, Irrigation and Communication Industry remote towers


Volthium Lithium Battery Packs can get over 6000 cycles and carry a 10 year Warranty. Made in Canada Quebec

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Pioneering the way to a cleaner greener future Solar Charged electric vehicles is a powerful idea that today's advances have made a reality. We can build a charging system for any EV on the market that will allow you to be independent from the electricity and fuel companies.
Daniel McGuire's EV Solar Modifications has partnered with the top manufacturers and experts in the field to produce North America's fist EV on board Solar charging system.

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